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Bagging the Best of Bagdad-by-the-Bay!

This week, our featured city is San Francisco. When the late, great bon vivant Herb Caen christened her Bagdad-by-the-Bay, was it a reference to The City's multicultural, exotic character? Her role as an artistic and intellectual center? Or perhaps a cheekily immoral association with the biblical Babylon? From her iconic landmarks to some of the best EATS west of the Mississippi (or east of the Mississippi, for that matter), the Golden City offers some of the finest lodgings, chic-est shopping, glamourous nightlife, and inventively openminded denizens on the planet. From helicopter tours to cable cars, from Little Italy to Chinatown, getting around the place is half the fun. So, grab your fedora and overcoat and knock back a fog-lifter, or toss on some tie-dies and wear some flowers in your hair before heading out into the urban wilderness that is Frisco. Like Steve always said, “When the lights go down in The City, and the sun shines on the bay… You’ll want to be there! Oooooh, oh-oo-whoa, oh, oh, oooooh!” To guarantee a rockin’ journey, let Top 10 San Francisco Traveler be your guide!

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